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Our MAGICal Disney Cruise Day 4 Part 1: Last sea day


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Our last sea day.  Our daughter woke up at 6 a.m., but the boys managed to sleep until 7:30.  First, I should mention that the weather on our trip was phenomenal. We had high 60s on our departure day from Galveston, low 80s on our first sea day and Cozumel, and this last sea day was looking good too.  We decided to eat our breakfast outside.

The kids wanted more pool time, and Alyssa hadn't been to the pool yet, so we headed there after breakfast.  At 8:30, there was only our 3 kids and 1 other kid in the pool.  

At 9:00, the water slide opened.  The kids had it all to themselves. I guess everyone else had slept in, or was at the princess gathering.  I highly recommend early mornings at the pool on sea days.

I should mention that non-potty-trained kids are not allowed in the pool, even in a swim diaper.  This isn't a Disney rule, it's an international cruise law or something that applies to all cruise ships for sanitary reasons. Disney's classic ships have a little fountain/splash area for non-potty-trained toddlers next to the pool.  The two newer ships have a bigger enclosed splash area to accommodate toddlers. This was part of my motivation to potty-train Alyssa back in December.  We were asked by a crew member if she was wearing a swim diaper, which she wasn't, and they gave us the ok for her to play in the pool.

We left the pool around 9:45 to shower and change.  Brian took the boys up to the sports deck where they played some foosball.  Nana and I wanted to take Alyssa to the Oceaneer Club since they were having an open house and the Mickey Mouseketeer training.

So Alyssa got to do the same training the boys did earlier in the week and march with Mickey Mouse.

 Meanwhile, the guys attended a paper airplane class in the promenade lounge.

At 11:45, we met up on the pool deck for lunch.  Saw this cute vegetable Mickey.

We ate at the fast food restaurants on deck.  The kids had hamburgers/chicken strips. Nana and I got some wraps and panini sandwiches from Goofy's Galley.  The shrimp wraps were delicious.  Brian went to get some food from the Topsiders buffet, and when he went there they told him they were barbecuing meat outside in the back, so he got some of that.  He said it was good.

Donald Duck was walking around.

And the kids had some ice cream cones from the self-service ice cream stand.

And other desserts.  No shortage of sweets on this cruise.

The pool area was so much busier than it was just 2 hours ago when we left.  The Mickey pool now looked like kid soup.

The guys wanted to go to another ventriloquist show at 1:00 p.m.  Alyssa acted tired, so I thought I'd see if she'd take a nap outside on Deck 4.  That plan didn't really work, she just wanted to walk around.

I spent almost an hour walking around with Alyssa, and it's one of my favorite moments on the cruise.  It was peaceful.

 Up next:  The rest of our last day onboard

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