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Our MAGICal Disney Cruise Day 3 Part 2: Cozumel and Pirate Night


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After Nachi Cocom, we headed back to the pier via taxi.  Since we had to weave our way through the shops to get back to the ship, I got the kids a few souvenirs.

The boys loved these wrestling masks.

 And one last photo on the dock before boarding the ship.

Meanwhile, while we were at Nachi Cocom, my husband and oldest son were on their own adventure booked through Disney Cruise Line.  Their port adventure was called Off Road Adventure to Jade Caverns.  They got to ride in these dune buggies in the jungle for about 30 minutes each way.  It was muddy and dusty.

Jade Caverns has underground swimming.  It looks beautiful, but the guys said the most of the swimming area was really dark and creepy, so they didn't go in.

Brian said the vehicles were a little hard to drive and steer, and that ATVs are easier to use.  They picked this adventure because the minimum age is 8 to be a rider, whereas the minimum age for ATVs is 16. Nathan loved it, though, and says that Cozumel was his favorite part of the whole trip.

We all ended up getting back on the ship around the same time and ran into eachother walking to our cabin. We ordered cookies and Mickey bars for the kids from room service and chilled out a bit.

We showered and got ready for the big pirate night on board. We went to the lobby at 5 p.m. to get photos with some characters.  The line for Jack Sparrow was short.  We were glad, since we tried to get a photo with him onboard the Dream but there were too  many people and they cut off the line.

The pirate costumes of the passengers on this cruise were much more subdued than we saw on the Dream. Many people didn't dress up at all. Not sure if it's because most people were first-time cruisers.  We just wore pirate t-shirts, and Alyssa dressed up as Tinkerbell.

We decided to drop the boys off at the kids' clubs for some play time and dinner there.  The rest of us headed to our rotational restaurant, Parrot Cay.  I think that ended up being my favorite restaurant on the ship!  It has a Caribbean theme and fit right in with pirate night.  Our plates had our pirate bandanas supplied by Disney.

The special pirate night menu...

 Our servers were also dressed as pirates for the evening. We started dinner sitting like this...

But after a few minutes, Alyssa insisted on being held and quickly fell asleep on me for most of dinner.

She woke up towards the end of dinner, just in time for a limbo party in the dining room.

After dinner, we were heading back to our cabin and came across a dance party in the promenade lounge.  We had to stop and dance for a while.

We had a dinosaur and frog for our towel animals.

Tink and Daddy
I had reserved a spot for Alyssa in the nursery from 8:30-10:30 p.m. so that we could enjoy the fireworks.  I dropped her off and figured she wouldn't sleep there since she slept through dinner.

A little while later we picked up the boys from the clubs.  Joshua was all decked out with pirate face paint from the club.

We headed to the top deck around 9:25 to secure a spot for the show that started at 9:45 p.m.  There was already pirate-stuff going on there when we arrived, a pirate game-show type thing.

Brian and Joshua at the pirate party
The pirate show had a lot of dancing, and ended with Disney's signature fireworks at sea.  Immediately after it was over, I had to pick up Alyssa at the nursery.  Nana went back to the room with Joshua and Brian stayed with Nathan to partake in the Pirate Night buffet.  They had crepes with marshmallows and chocolate--sounds delicious.

The kids were certainly exhausted after this fun and busy day!

Up next:  Our last sea day

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