Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our MAGICal Disney Cruise Day 3 Part 1: Nachi Cocom


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Today was our one and only port stop at Cozumel, Mexico. We woke up around 6:30 and Brian went to the fitness center to workout.  I decided to take one for the team and ordered room service for the kids for breakfast to allow Brian and his mom to enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast on deck.  I quickly regretted that decision, as all the kids did was fight loudly in our room. So to our room neighbors...sorry about that!  I vowed that I would not volunteer to do that again.

Captain Hook was in the lobby this morning.  We took a few photos.

We were splitting up today and doing two different excursions. We had a few minutes before Nathan and Brian had to meet up for their excursion.

We left them at their meeting place and the rest of us got off the ship.  We had reservations at Nachi Cocom beach!
The Disney Magic in Cozumel

Cozumel from the ship

Cozumel from the ship
We got off the ship and walked on the dock to try to catch a taxi.  The port in Cozumel was cleverly set up so that you had to wind your way up and down this shopping center first in order to catch a taxi.  Once we finally got to the taxi stand, we were told the cab fare to Nachi Cocum was $18.  The ride was about 20 minutes and not too scary (compared to being in a car in Russia).

We chose Nachi Cocom based on reviews that it was a private, quiet beach.  The place only lets in a maximum of 100 people per day. When we arrived, they took our photo with some sombreros. We bought the photo of the kids.  Not sure why my daughter's lips look so red.

When we arrived, our kids were the only kids there. We saw a few other couples.  We were lead to a spot with some lounge chairs under a giant palapa.  We thought we'd buy some sand toys, but learned the store wasn't open yet and they didn't have any sand toys. An employee brought us over a bucket of sand toys to use. Perfect!

The ocean water seemed cold to me, but my son didn't seem to mind it.

Our admission included lunch and unlimited drinks.  Our server brought us some non-alcoholic frozen strawberry daiquiries and pina coladas. Later we had a few rounds of bottled water.

Nachi Cocom also had a pool (and a large hot tub for adults only).  My son loved this and kept running from the pool to the ocean back to the pool.

Around 10:30 our server said the kitchen was open.  Our admission included an appetizer, entree, and dessert for each person in our party.  We started with an order of chips and guacamole and nachos.  They were yummy.

A while later we ordered lunch--hot dogs for the kids, and I had chicken taquitos. We had ice cream for dessert.

My son enjoyed the hammocks.

We saw a few huge iguanas on the beach. Kinda creepy to see them.

It really was a nice way to spend the day in Cozumel. Our chairs were close to the pool and the ocean.  It wasn't hard to keep track of our kids. It was a very quiet beach, though, so if you are looking for music and action, this is not the place for you.  This place is beautiful, the food is great, and the service was great also.  You can see Nachi Cocom's website here.  It was $55 for each adult to get in, ages 4-11 are $17 and under 4 are free.  Food and drinks are included.  They did have things like massages and boat rides you could have for an extra fee, but we didn't do any of those things.

Up next:  The rest of Cozumel and Pirate Night


  1. Loved your detailed report of your cruise! We leave in four weeks. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved your detailed report of your cruise! We leave in four weeks. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow, I remember you from Russian adoption blogs. We were the ones adopting Viktoria from Ulyanovsk and already had Daria home. Then we lost Vika to a Russian family and ended up adopting right here in our small east Texas town. Anyhow stumbled upon you through dis boards. We are going on the Magic out of Galveston April 12. I love your great description of the cruise. By the way, it won't be near as hard to update the boys passports next time. It was a breeze doing Daria's renewal for this cruise.

    1. What a small world! Have a great time on your cruise!