Friday, March 16, 2012

Staycation Day 8: Last Day!

It's Friday and I am officially declaring Spring Break to be over! We will proceed with a normal weekend and start back to school and other activities on Monday.

This morning we participated in an HOA neighborhood activity for the kids, crafts and cookies at our HOA office. We painted St. Patrick's Day boxes and decorated them.

Then we went to a neighborhood mom's group meet-up at the park. I was talking too much and didn't get any pictures of that, but the kids had fun and enjoyed being around other kids.

And then to the gym this afternoon--where the kids also ran into kids from our neighborhood. It's a small world up here, I tell ya.

I've enjoyed this Spring Break. I've been able to exercise every morning without rushing to get the kids out so early. It's nice not being on such a strict schedule.

But this mom is ready for a break! We missed the last Parents' Night Out at church due to sickness, so we are treating ourselves to a babysitter and dinner tomorrow night. We really, really need it.

We came in under our $50 budget for Spring Break--$15 for the farm, $15.89 for the basketballs, and $3.02 for Sonic Happy Hour for a total of $33.91. It's really easy to entertain kids for free or cheap in our neck of the woods. The Parks & Rec systems of our city and the surrounding cities are excellent, and the libraries have great kids programming as well.

Only a few short months until our big Dream vacation....and a few more months to figure out what we will do for the rest of our summer!

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