Saturday, March 10, 2012

Staycation Day 2

Today I signed my boys up for the free Build & Grow clinic at Lowes. Not as much of a crowd this week as in the past:

Hammering away:

Even though she doesn't participate in the building, I think my youngest enjoys these Lowe's sessions just as much! Wide aisles and plenty of room to run.

Voila! 2 mini basketball hoops.

This was probably our last Build & Grow for a while due to the start of soccer season.

On the way home, we stopped at Target to buy these 2 basketballs. (Yes, 2, so they don't fight over the ball constantly). The boys have shown an interest in playing basketball these past few months and they've been playing with their neighbor's ball and hoop recently. We plan to hit the courts later this week!

Now I'm enjoying a few minutes of peace while my youngest naps, my oldest is at a friend's house playing, and my middle child is writing letters.

While I like to get the kids out of the house once a day, I defintely don't schedule up the whole day for them. I want them to have some down time where they can figure out what to do with themselves.

Total spent today: $15.89 for the 2 basketballs

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