Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Staycation Day 5: Friends and Staying Home

Today we had friends from Austin come visit us! My friend Erin from college has a son in between my boys' ages and a daughter close to Alyssa's age. So the kids had a great time playing together this morning!

It was so great to see them!

They left shortly after lunch, and my plan was to take the kids outside or go somewhere in the afternoon after Alyssa's nap. Those plans quickly disappeared when Alyssa tossed and turned for over and hour without falling asleep and Joshua somehow hurt his toe and couldn't wear his shoes. So we ended up staying home the rest of the afternoon with grumpy kids and a grumpy mom. And I can just tell you that this stay-at-home-mom does not do well with staying at home all day.

Alyssa fell asleep during dinner.

We're definitely leaving the house tomorrow!

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  1. Well bummer, I'm sorry the afternoon didn't go well, but we had a great time with you this morning. Preston is already talking about all the fun he wants to have with your boys next time we're in town. Here's hoping that tomorrow is better for you. :)