Saturday, January 14, 2012

What is a Fish Extender???

What is a Fish Extender???

This is our fish extender for our upcoming cruise. I ordered it off of Ebay.

It has 4 pockets--1 that me and my husband share, and 1 for each of our kids.

And just what is this for?

We will be participating in the Fish Extender Exchange on our cruise. All of the rooms on a Disney Cruise have a fish or other sea creature next to each cabin.

And the fish extender hangs down from there (secured with a zip tie) and serves as a cabin mailbox.

Passengers can sign up to participate in a Fish Extender Exchange through the DIS boards. So it's basically like a secret-santa-type gift exchange on a cruise ship.

What is put in these pockets? Anything and everything! People can choose to give out something that represents their home state, something Disney, pirate stuff, candy, crafts, etc. There aren't many rules and from what I've seen so far, people can get pretty creative.

My husband was like, "So, we'll be exchanging gifts with strangers?" Yes, yes we will. I think the kids will like helping me figure out what we should give out and will have fun helping me deliver them.

Here is a link that explains this whole thing in a little more detail.

Has anyone ever done this before? What do you think we should give as our gifts? I have a few ideas but haven't decided yet.


  1. Love your fish extender! Looking forward to participating in our first one on our sailing :)

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