Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Parks & Rec Review: Harold Bacchus in Frisco

Before I go into this park review...I wanted to mention that I found the coolest website that gives park reviews in the North Dallas area! Playground Perspectives. They have info on tons of parks in Plano (if not all of them) and several in McKinney/Frisco/Allen. Definitely worth checking out!

Last weekend the weather was beautiful and we took the 2 younger kids to a "new to us" park while our oldest son was attending a friend's birthday party. We went to Harold Bacchus park in Frisco, near Main and Independence.

Name of Park: Harold Bacchus Community Park
Address: 13875 Main, Frisco, TX
This park is only 4.3 miles from my house, why haven't I been here before???


* I'm just going to say this first, because it is so rare: THIS PARK HAS BATHROOMS! This park is a huge soccer/baseball field complex, so there are 2 sets of bathrooms and concession stands. YES!

* It has big, covered picnic areas.

* Plenty of parking (assuming the game fields are not crowded).

* The park actually has 4 playgrounds that are very spread out. We went to the one that is farthest west, near Pinebridge Drive.

* The equipment is modern, with slides, rock climbing walls, and swings. We didn't go to all 4 playgrounds, but they were all different. We drove past one with a big rope climbing structure.

* The equipment was mostly shaded, which will be great for summer morning play.

* The park has a mile of walking/bike paths that weave throughout the playing fields and equipment.


* The biggest drawback to this park is that it could be crowded during Fall/Spring when there are lots of games going on.

Here are a few pictures of my kids having fun at Harold Bacchus Park:

Have you been to this park? What do you think?


  1. We used to go here more often before J started Kindergarten and N started 3 days of preschool. We've only been to the play structure right near Independence--the first one you come to when you come from Custer. That one is smaller, but the boys liked it and it was right next to bathrooms. This play structure looks really cool. Were there bathrooms close by? Love your blog posts. Several moms in the neighborhood were discussing how we've enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Thanks, Haley! Yes, the bathrooms were right next to this playground.