Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012--one week down

So earlier I posted on our 2012 goals and since we are past the first week of 2012 I figure it's time for an update.

We made the most progress on the Housekeeping goal. I had previously scheduled time to clean the master bathroom on Tuesday during my baby's nap. And I did just that, even though I would have rather caught up on facebook or anything else more fun than cleaning a bathroom. I took the entire 90 minutes of her nap to clean and organize the bathroom--I organized all the cabinets, took out all the miscellaneous stuff we had stored in our bathtub (does anyone else use their bathtub for storage???), scrubbed everything and mopped. I did feel quite productive. So I'm motivated to keep with my cleaning schedule this week.

Also, we have a goal to pick a spot in the house once a month to organize. And I'm happy to report that we got one area done in the first week of the month! Actually, my husband did most of this work himself. We (well, mostly HE) organized our home office. Sorted everything into Recycle, Shred, and File piles. Got rid of so much stuff. Created new file folders. Weeded through tons of adoption paperwork to figure out what we really need to keep.

I really should have taken "before" pictures, but here are the results...clean inboxes and everything organized in the file cabinet!

My husband works from home most days so I'm sure he's loving the clean working space more than I am.

As far as our other goals:

Financial--we didn't go out to eat at all this week. Piece of cake.

Fitness--I started some new workouts toward my goal of increasing my running pace. On Monday I did speed interval drills at an outdoor track. I was so sore for the next 2 days. Then on Wednesday I did a timed run for a baseline, and I'll continue doing the speed drills and the timed run to see how I improve. Also...I picked up the class schedule at the gym. I want to try a class there...maybe zumba. Hopefully this week.

How are you doing on your resolutions/goals? The first week is usually the easiest because everyone is so motivated.

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