Friday, January 13, 2012

Keeping the Dream Alive

As I mentioned in this earlier post, we like to stretch out our vacations by doing pre- and post-vacation activities. Otherwise, it can seem like forever until the vacation arrives, and then the week-long vacation itself goes by too fast. So I have various activities for the kids to do over these next few months to keep our "Dream" alive.

First, the kids have been dying to try out their new snorkeling equipment they got for Christmas. They practiced with their masks and snorkels in our big bath tub:

I got a Disney waffle iron for Christmas, so the other night when we had breakfast for dinner we had these:

My 4-year-old asked to watch the Disney Cruise DVD again. Especially the part where they show the kids' clubs.

The library has so many boat/cruise-related books, I don't think we'll run out before our cruise.

We checked out this book on water and boats:

I also checked out an easy reader cruise ship mystery book that I'm reading to the kids.

And a few easy readers in the Pirates of the Caribbean series (my oldest is a big fan of Captain Jack Sparrow, he dressed up at Captain Jack last Halloween).

We will meet Captain Jack on the boat!

I have lots more ideas on other activities that I think will be my next Dream-related post I'll talk about the Fish Extender! (WHAT??!!!)

Do you do any pre-vacation activities with your family? A countdown calendar? I'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. My friend does a mickey count down when they are 2 weeks away. She has mickey's ears and then 14-1 hanging below it for the count down. each night he takes off another number

  2. That sounds cute! I'd like to do a countdown calendar when we get closer in (too many days to count right now!)