Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stocking up for the food bank

My husband and a few of his co-workers decided to contribute food to the North Texas Food Bank for the holidays. We thought this would be a good activity to share with our kids to continue to learn to give to others.

So before we went to the store, we talked to our 2 older kids about what we were doing, where the food is going, how it is for people who cannot afford to buy food for whatever reason.

We decided to shop at Aldi's, because they have the cheapest prices on food staples that were recommended by the North Texas Food Bank (rice, tuna, cereal bars, stew, chili, etc.)

And at first, the kids were really into it. "How about this? Lets put some Cheetos in the cart!" We did edit their food choices somewhat to coincide with the food bank guidelines. But once we went past the toy section at Aldi, we totally lost the kids. They forgot about choosing food for needy people, and instead just couldn't help themselves by tinkering with all the toys. Well, they are still kids.

Before we checked out, my oldest looked at all the food in the cart and said "This is going to cost a fortune!" and when we finished checking out he said "Food is SO expensive!" Yes, yes it is. I think he's starting to get it. Maybe.

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