Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Bonus Clue

The kids got a bonus clue for our next vacation today. I had to take the kids to get their passport photos taken. Since my older son already has a passport, I wanted to take the younger two while he was in school, but the timing didn't work out. So we all went to Walgreens together. The two who were getting their pictures taken didn't have a clue, but of course my oldest was very inquisitive.

"We didn't have to have a passport to go to California, right? Why do we need a passport this time?"

I said, "Maybe we're not going to California."

"What other places need passports?"

I said, "All other countries except the USA."

"Are we going to Russia again?"

Now that one I will answer now. NO!

Getting a passport for a child who was adopted internationally is a little stressful, because we have to send in the original adoption decree and the original certificate of citizenship (both of which there is only one single copy) and trust that it will be sent back and not get lost. We went through this with our oldest son, and I didn't fully rest until we got our documents back in the mail.

So here's hoping for a speedy passport process!

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