Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Final Clue!

I gave the kids their final vacation clue this morning:

They think we're going to a palace! Nathan said that's what it looks like. They didn't notice a big clue within this picture, a small icon located near the top.

4 more days until the big reveal. I've actually thought about telling them earlier, but since I already have a phone call from "the big cheese" scheduled for Thursday, I guess I'll wait.

As excited as I am about telling them, I'm also preparing myself for them not to be that excited. I'm sure you've seen the youtube videos where kids are told they're going to Disneyland and they are mad or upset they're not going somewhere else. I don't exactly expect that reaction, but I do expect them to possibly be a bit confused. But in the end, I will just be glad to finally be able to talk about this vacation after keeping it a secret for 2 years!

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