Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saying thanks to an employer

In this month of Thanks and Giving, we are going to give a special thanks to my husband's employer. Not for just employing him, but for supporting our kids' adoptions.

As most of you know, 2 of our 3 kids are adopted. My husband's company supported us a great deal during our adoption process. During our first adoption in 2007, the company provided $5000 in adoption reimbursement and gave my husband 2 weeks of paid paternity leave (the same leave that new birth-dads get). When we completed our 2nd adoption in 2009, the company had doubled the financial assistance to $10,000! The financial help was a huge blessing for us, and it was so nice to have my husband working for a company that offered the same paid time-off benefits to all new parents.

Now you may be thinking...what company doesn't offer the same paid time-off benefits for adoptive parents as bio parents? Well, there are several out there who still make the distinction of treating adoptive parents differently. Don't even get me started. I worked for one of those companies, and I did not get any paid maternity leave.

But...back to the thanking part. Of course we've already thanked his company for the support, but we'd like to keep thanking them as the years go on. Because we think it's important that future adoptive parents get the same benefits.

So the HR department will get another note of Thanks from us...along with an adoption video that my adoption support group is putting together.

Thank you!

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