Saturday, November 19, 2011

Free kids' activity--Lowe's Build & Grow

Since we became a one-income family about 2 years ago, I've had to get a lot more creative with how I find ways to entertain the kids. When we both worked, we went out to eat a lot, went to the movies, went to the bounce-house places, etc. The challenge for many one-income famillies is finding cheap or free activities to do with the kids that are fun. And luckily, there is no shortage of those activities where we live!

Lowe's home improvement stores offer a Build & Grow workshop every month (sometimes, more than once a month) on a Saturday and it's completely free. I had to register my 2 kids online to guarantee a spot, but when we arrived each kid was given a Santa Sleigh kit, safety goggles, an apron, and a patch to sew on the apron. This was our first time trying out this activity as Lowe's.

Once we gathered our kits and supplies, we headed over to the makeshift tables where we could hear everyone hammerng away.

Luckily, my husband was able to join us for this activity while I strolled my one-year-old down the aisles. My boys loved hammerng all of the nails in place!

After about 30 minutes...Voila! The Santa Sleighs were done.

Home Depot offers something similar to this, which we may try someday. Lowe's has more of these workshops in December, the kits will be building train cars. This was definitely entertaining for my kids and we plan on coming back for the January project.

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