Monday, November 7, 2011

Living on $11k a year

No, it's not us!

I recently read this article on Yahoo Finance about a man who lives on $11,000 a year. He is a musician, he lives out of an RV, and he even has health insurance. It sounds like he's not on food stamps or any type of government assistance. He has totally simplified his life. I'm impressed!

I know that this type of lifestyle is not remotely feasible for our family of 5, but reading articles like this one always makes me think about everything we have and all the things we think are necessities. What do we really need? What could we do without?

And yes, it does tie back to our 30 Days of Thanks and Giving. Which I've neglected to post more in depth about, but I'm still thinking about.

Can you imagine living on $11k a year? Can you imagine living on the U.S. median household income, which is somewhere in the $40k-$50k range? (depending on the resource)? Can you imagine living happily on less than what you live on now?

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  1. There are times that I wish adoption wasn't so costly because we could afford more 'fun' things, but I think that the necessity of saving for adoption has taught me a lot about living on less and I think I'm a better person for it!