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Disney Fantasy Trip Report Part 6: Thursday at Sea

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Disney Fantasy Trip Report Part 6: Thursday at Sea

Thursday, January 21, 2016

It was nice to wake up to a sea day after two days at ports. Don't get me wrong--exploring the ports is fun, but it can also be exhausting being out in the sun and surf for several hours.

We slept until 8:30 a.m. again. Woohoo! We were debating what to do that morning, and Brian decided to go see the Bridge of Spies movie since it was playing in the theater early. (He thought it was excellent, by the way). I stayed back in the cabin with the kids, and we had a more leisurely morning.

Random photo--two of our kids were born in Russia, and one of the magical artworks occasionally showed Russia (the photo was always changing). It's located on Deck 8, starboard, forward near the elevator.

So I took the kids up to Cabanas for breakfast. On the way there, I made a hair braiding appointment for Alyssa for later in the day. After breakfast, we saw Donald:

I dropped the kids off at their clubs, where they would stay through lunch (and eat at the clubs). I went back to the room to shower to get ready for brunch at Palo (adults-only restaurant).

Brian returned from the movie, changed, and we headed off to Palo for our noon reservation. I didn't take many photos of the food, but this was hands-down the best meal of our entire week. We had brunch at Palo on one of our previous cruises (a 4-night cruise on the Magic), but on most cruises we stick with just dinner at Palo. On our last 7-night cruise, we regretted not making a Palo brunch reservation because there are three sea days and we got tired of the regular buffet.

Anyways...brunch was great! There are dishes sitting out (a small buffet) and also dishes that are made to order. I had a bowl of strawberry soup, mozzarella rings (made with fresh mozzarella--so soft!) and Brian and I split a goat cheese pizza. Brian also had chicken parmesean.

I was so full, but still managed to try these three desserts:

The chandelier in Palo is exquisite!

We rolled ourselves out of Palo and looked at the navigator to figure out what to do next. There were so many choices! Alyssa's hair appointment was at 2:00, so Brian decided to do that with her while I spent some time with our younger son. This was the first time Alyssa got her hair braided on our cruises since this was the longest her hair has been (we had an unfortunate hair cutting incident before our last cruise).

I loved the way it turned out! She kept it in for almost a week.

Meanwhile, also at around 2:00 p.m., there was a comedian in the theater, an animal towel folding class, a family cooking class and a kids' cooking class in the Oceaneer Lab. So many choices! I had always wanted to go to one of the "Anyone Can Cook" classes, but had never made it on any of our previous cruises. I stopped by the kids' club to see if Joshua wanted to join me. It was a tough decision for him, since the kids' cooking class was making chocolate chip cookies! But he decided to join me for "Anyone Can Cook". Sometimes this class is for adults only, but today's class was open to everyone.

The cooking demonstration was for apple strudel. The crew passed out the recipe and instructions--single spaced on the back side as well.

A pastry chef had the apple strudel done in various stages, but he demonstrated rolling the dough on a table cloth and explained reasons for some of the ingredients. I came to the conclusion that there was no way I could make this dish successfully.

Of course, the best part was that we got to sample the apple strudel!

Joshua was pretty tired during the demonstration, but loved the strudel.

After the class, Joshua and I decided to play some shuffleboard on Deck 4. It was nice to get to spend some one-on-one time with him!

We ordered the kids room service for dinner so that Brian and I could have our last date dinner (we knew the next night was the animation show during dinner and we didn't want the kids to miss that). We dropped the kids off at the clubs around 5:15 p.m. and decided to head to La Piazza bar to hear some pre-dinner music. La Piazza is only on the Fantasy, and it looks like a carousel.

On our last cruise, many of our cruise-mates raved about the piano player Clara Oman. We never made time to see her on the last cruise, so when we saw she was on this cruise we wanted to listen to her at least one night. She was fabulous and so talented! I don't know how she does it--she knows so many songs by heart and takes requests.

Chilling at La Piazza before dinner:

We had dinner alone in Royal Court that night. The best part was the chocolate lava cake!!

We decided to attend the Disney Broadway show "Believe" that night. We stopped by the clubs to see which kids wanted to join us. The Pluto PJ Party was happening at the same time, and Joshua had pre-arranged with a friend to meet up for that, so only Alyssa joined us for the show.

I recommend getting to the show 20-30 minutes prior. I arrived maybe 15 minutes prior and there was only seats up higher left. We still had a good view, but there were some special effects during the show (snow, confetti) that we were not under since we were sitting up too high.

We had never seen "Believe" before, but it's quite a performance, with high-quality singing, dancing and effects. And maybe a few tears.

Afterwards, we went to the top deck for ice cream before putting Alyssa to bed. Brian went back to the club to pick up Joshua, then he got ice cream before going to bed. As you can see, ice cream was a nightly ritual on the cruise.

Our nightly towel animal:

Tonight was the night that my oldest was with the Edge crew playing dodgeball until 1:00 a.m.!

Up next: Castaway Cay

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