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Disney Fantasy Trip Report Part 3: Sunday at Sea

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Disney Fantasy Trip Report Part 3: Sunday at Sea

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sea days are our favorite days on a Disney Cruise. We love having nowhere to go, nowhere to be, except on board with tons of choices to relax or have fun. I don't think we could go back to a shorter 4-night cruise without these sea days. We are spoiled.

This first sea day, however, would be busier than usual because we were assigned tickets to the character breakfast, Anna/Elsa meeting and Princess Gathering all on this day.

We woke up at 7:30 a.m. (which is totally sleeping in for us!) for our 8:15 a.m. character breakfast. A little background on character breakfasts on DCL...character breakfasts used to happen on cruises of 7 nights or longer. However, when the larger ships (Dream/Fantasy) were built, the number of passengers were too large to facilitate character breakfasts, so they didn't happen. Last year, the Fantasy tested a ticketed character breakfast (free tickets) and it seems to have stuck. So this was our first character breakfast!

We loved having the character breakfast. In general, I'm a big fan of character meals at Disney because we're going to have to eat anyway, and why not see some characters while we're eating? They come to your table and you don't have to wait in line. Easy peasy!

The breakfast was in Animator's Palate, which had Disney Jr. shows playing on the screens.

First we saw Sofia:

Then Jake:

Mickey Mouse:

And Doc McStuffins:

We were in and out in less than an hour, and breakfast was good! I'm so glad they added this on the Fantasy.

We ran into Jessie in the atrium on our way out:

We went back to our room and changed into swim suits. We played at the pool for a bit this morning, but I can't seem to find any photo evidence. I remember it was windy.

Around 10:30 a.m., Alyssa and I went back to the room and ordered room service for lunch. I had a delicious mozzarella and tomato panini, with this key lime pie. We ordered room service several times on this cruise, and the response time has improved greatly from prior cruises.

I think the boys ate lunch on the pool deck, and Brian and Joshua visited the shops during this time.

After lunch, it was time for a wardrobe change, because we had tickets to meet some princesses!

Alyssa could have played in the porthole all day.

First up was Anna and Elsa inside Animator's Palate at 1:00. Alyssa was in a great mood!

At the last minute, Joshua decided he wanted to join us for this photo op.

Then we saw Princess Minnie upstairs and took a photo with her.

We had 1:45 p.m. tickets to the Princess Gathering in the atrium. Alyssa met Tiana, Belle, Arielle and Cinderella. With our assigned time, we only waited ~5 minutes.

After seeing the princesses, I dropped Alyssa off at the club for a while. I think the boys were also in the club and I'm not sure where Brian was. But soon I had to pick her up again to change for her 3:45 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique appointment! I chose this day for her appointment because it was formal dinner.

On our last cruise, my daughter had her hair accidentally chopped off a few months earlier, and therefore she picked a hair extension (bright pink!) for her hairstyle at the BBB. Leading up to this appointment, she told me she wanted the long pink hair again, so I was surprised when she picked the bun.

Her fairy godmother did a fabulous job with Alyssa, telling stories the whole time. Alyssa interacted a lot more with her fairy godmother than last time.

At the end of her appointment, Alyssa received an invitation to a Prince and Princess Processional that would happen on Wednesday night.

Since it was formal night, the characters were out and about in their formal attire. We stopped for a photo with Chip and Dale:

And Minnie again:

And Daisy:

We still had some time before dinner, so we went back to our stateroom to check on the boys.

My kids (especially my boys) really wanted to dress up for formal night again. I would have been fine letting them eat in the clubs or on the pool deck in regular clothes, but they seem to enjoy getting spruced up. I'm not gonna argue!

We wandered downstairs to the atrium, where they were handing out free drinks (I think formal night is the only night this happens). We took a few family photos but didn't end up buying them.

Dinner was in Enchanted Garden. My kids do ok with dinners, but they last about 90 minutes, and that's a little long for them.

Our evening was quite uneventful compared to the day. The kids went to the clubs. Although Aladdin the musical was the live show, I saw it last year and I wanted to get some laundry done. Brian went to the theater to see Ant Man.

Up next: Another day at sea

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