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My Tween's Review of the Edge on the Disney Fantasy

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My Tween's Review of the Edge on the Disney Fantasy

On our recent cruise (our 5th cruise on Disney), my son was still young enough to visit the Oceaneer Club/Lab (a secured place for ages 3-12) but was also now old enough to go to the Edge (Tween club for ages 11-14). He spent many hours at the Edge and I asked him to write a review of his new experience.

Written by Nathan Powell, age 11

What is the Edge?

On my most recent cruise I was able to go to the EDGE, a club for ages 11-14, located on the 13th floor, mid-ship. In the Edge you don’t have to sign in or out and you can come and go as you please.

Usually the Edge is open from 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight. The counselors there are very nice and awesome and fun to hang around with. The Edge even has an elevator that goes directly to deck 13 that only 11-14-year-olds can use.

Photos of the Edge from the open house on embarkation day: 

Activities at the Edge:

It has an Xbox for up to 4 players and a Wii U up to 4 players as well as 8 computers at a station. For games, they have hockey, football, and a game called Blurr for Xbox. They have Mario Kart and Mario Party for Wii U.

In addition to the video games, the counselors run organized activities for all the tweens. There is gaga ball and four square at random times, and at midnight they do dodgeball at Goofy’s Sports deck. Times change for other activities like the "Anyone Can Cook" class, in which you can bake cookies. In the "Brains and Brawns" activity, you make a team and compete with other teams to find clues all over the ship. Even Stitch visited the Edge at one time. The activities are posted in the printed daily navigator and are also listed on a board inside the Edge.

They also do other group activities like "That’s Hilarious" where you can show off your comedy skills in front of your friends and movie time where you can vote on a popular movie. There is other neat stuff like drawing Disney characters where you can draw Disney characters like Donald and Goofy under an instructor. There is also green screen where you act out like you are on a news channel, and the magic floor where you play four square, gaga ball and karaoke. One afternoon there was a magic show. The 4 counselors are very cool to hang out with.

On the last night, the Edge had a "Final Farewell" dance party where the counselors showed photos of us throughout the week.


My experience at the Edge:

On my first day at the Edge, I got to make a profile page so everyone could get to know me better. I recommend you try the Edge on the first day so you get a chance to know other kids early.

Profiles at the Edge

During our cruise, I spent my time in the Edge by coming for a few hours in the morning playing on the computers and from 7:00pm to midnight playing four square, gaga ball, X Box, Wii U, and other organized activities that were happening at the time. I did meet up with my family for swimming and comedians during the day so I wasn't at the Edge all day.

I personally think that if you were deciding on whether to go to the Edge or the kids club I would go to the Edge because if you have younger siblings they can't go to the Edge. The Edge's activities are also more suited for the people at the Edge and you don't have to watch out for smaller kids. I also liked the idea of having more freedom and staying up late. The Edge is a way that you can interact with other people and make friends because I made 2 and many more.

Editor's (Mom's) note: I appreciated that the Edge had meet-ups on Castaway Cay (Disney's private island) for lunch so that my husband and I could eat at Serenity Bay (adults-only beach) without feeling guilty about leaving Nathan on his own while his younger siblings were at Scuttle's Cove (island kids' club). I did take a while to get used to the late-night activities...he was playing dodgeball until 1 a.m. one night and we were in bed before he came back to the room on most nights! I guess this is just a taste of what is to come during the teen years...sniff sniff.

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