Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Almost there!

We are 75% packed. This is what 9 days and 5 people look like:

We've got 2 big rolling suitcases, a duffle bag, and each person has a backpack carry-on. We can actually fit all of our stuff without the duffle bag, but we wanted some extra room coming back.

Tonight at dinner we discussed proper manners and etiquette at restaurants. We only go out to eat once a month and usually the kids aren't with us for that, because when we go out to eat with them I feel like we spend so much of our time correcting their behavior that we can't enjoy ourselves. So hopefully they will remember this discussion since we will be at restaurants for our whole vacation.

I need to run to the store tomorrow for a few last minute things, and hopefully have time to clean the house.  And keep 3 kids happy that I've been sequestering at home so they don't catch the stomach flu that's been going around here.

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