Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Vacation Clothing Splurge

I almost titled this post "Our One Vacation Splurge" but then I figured that really the whole vacation is one big splurge, so that didn't make sense.

A while ago I posted about how I had found some great bargains on clothes for our Disney Cruise, found on sale at the Disney Store and at various places post-Halloween. But I decided I would allow myself one clothing splurge, mainly based on all the insanely cute clothes for kids on Etsy,  Ebay and the Disney Store.

And what did I decide on?  Matching Mickey tie-dye clothes for the kids!

I got them from Pixie Crafts on Etsy.  T-shirts for the boys, and a tank dress for the girl.  Planning to wear them on our Magic Kingdom day.

I guess I've always been kind of anti-matching-clothes for the family...but then I see pictures of kids and families wearing cute things and I change my mind.

Now if only I could convince my husband that we should wear these too....

Do you ever wear matching clothes on vacation?  Or do you dress your kids in matching shirts?  Why or why not?


  1. Of course I dress them in matching, looks good in pictures later!

  2. Dressing in matching make them easily identifiable and make for an easier return if they are lost. (And of course they look so darn cute in matching clothes.)

  3. We are spending a week with Jeremy's family in Colorado this summer and his parents have purchased matching shirts for all 25 of us for the entire week. His mom also bought matching jackets at Costco and embroidered them. Everything says "Alleman Family Reunion 2012" on it. We have never ever matched for vacation before, so it should be interesting!

    I love the matching tie dye mickey shirts!

  4. we had matching Perry Shirts for Disneyland

  5. Those outfits are really cute!

    No matching outfits for us when we were kids, but my dad always wore a brightly-colored shirt so we could keep track of him.

  6. I am guilty of trying to writing least be color coordinated mostly because it looks nice in the pictures.