Thursday, October 22, 2015

The next round of DCL FE gifts

As our next Disney cruise approaches, I'm in full planning and anticipation mode. As with our prior cruises, we have signed up to participate in the Fish Extender gift exchange (which is like a Secret Santa gift exchange with other families--see this post for a more detailed explanation).

I'm not crafty at all, so my gifts are never home-made. Kudos to the people with the patience and skills for crafts! I like to give out something practical that people can use either on the cruise or back at home that will remind them of our vacation. On past cruises, we have given out pens, post-it notes and magnetic clips imprinted with our cruise name and date. We've also given out Mickey head cookie cutters, Disney glow wands, and themed movie theater candy.

This time, my family will be handing out something new as a cabin gift: souvenir travel laundry bags.

The bags are almost 3 feet tall and have a shoulder strap, but they fold up small for easy packing. I'll include a small supply of Tide Pods and dryer sheets for each cabin.

Of course, I imagine that the kids in our group won't be as excited about the laundry bag, so we are also planning on putting some Star Wars treats in their Fish Extender pockets.

On our last cruise, we signed up for two FE groups for a total of over 40 cabins. For this cruise, we signed up for just one group with 15 cabins. I'm looking forward to the scale-back because it took so much time to find 40+ cabins, and my goal is to have more free time on this cruise.

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