Monday, July 28, 2014

Texas Road Trip: North Texas Jellystone Park (Burleson)

Our family traveled to Burleson, Texas this past weekend and stayed 2 nights at North Texas Jellystone Park. It is about 90 minutes from our house.

This was not part of our original summer vacation plans, since we had no plans. But when summer rolled around, we were bummed that we had no real plans. So my husband started investigating organized bike rides and fun places to stay near those rides. He was looking for something similar to the fun campground we tried last year in Wichita Falls. He had always wanted to ride the Goatneck Ride in Cleburne, Texas, and found Jellystone with a Google search for nearby lodging. We booked a cabin and pre-paid for activity wrist bands about 6 weeks prior to our stay.

We stopped for lunch in Fort Worth on our way to Burleson and arrived at the campground a little after 1:00 p.m. Upon check-in, we were told that our cabin keys would not be available for pick-up until 3:00 p.m., so we had time to check out some activities.

Our first encounter with Yogi Bear
The campsite was sold out for the weekend and was totally bustling with campers! We tried to park at the main building but circled twice and couldn't find a parking spot. So we drove to our cabin and parked there before heading over to the water park.

We stayed in a Premium Luxury Cottage, which was more like a duplex with 2 attached cabins in a long building.
We were pleasantly surprised at how nice and big it was inside! It had 2 queen beds...

And a set of bunk beds.

And some chairs.

Our room also had a microwave, refrigerator and coffee pot. Oh, and a large jacuzzi tub in the bathroom (my favorite part about the room). It was really a nice, big room with sturdy, rustic wood furniture.

We walked to the water park. It felt so good to be there, considering the temperatures were over 100 degrees the entire weekend!

The water park had 7 water slides. Three of them were geared for smaller kids, and my 3-year-old went down them many times. The other 4 slides were taller and longer.

After the boys tried all the slides, they gravitated to water basketball.
And this obstacle course.

We received an activities sheet upon check-in that indicated the activities where a bear would be present. We saw Yogi and Cindy Bear several times during our stay.

We rode the fire truck ride on Friday night...

The kids rode the barrel ride:

And we did the "Hey hey hey ride" around the campground.

The hay ride stopped at a campfire where we could roast marshmallows. We didn't bring any, but another camper was kind enough to share some. By this time, it had cooled down to about 95 degrees.

Across from the campfire was the Air Zone with about 10 different bounce houses and a rock climbing wall.

We visited the shady playground on Saturday morning.
The far side of the campground felt more like a campground to me. This is where the tent sites were, near the fishing lake.

We played tether ball both nights. There was also a sand volleyball court, laser tag and paint ball out there. But we were a little relieved the kids did not realize that, because we thought it was still too hot to run around playing those games!

Our activity wrist bands also included a free ride on the Frog Hopper and a $5 game card at the arcade. The kids accumulated enough tickets at the arcade to get some pretty good toys.

The arcade had an indoor play area similar to Kid Mania (in Plano). This was a great indoor activity to do while it was 104 degrees outside on Saturday!

The kids said their favorite activity was the water park, which we visited 3 times during our stay. Our wrist bands included some activities that we never got a chance to try, like bike rentals and an outdoor maze.

Money saving tips:

*  Go during the week for cheaper rates on cabin rentals
*  Rent an RV from the campground instead of a cabin (or bring your own RV or tent!)
*  Bring your own food (we brought some, but I wished I would have brought more stuff for lunches)
*  The water park does not allow outside food or drink. Cups of water are free at the water park. Also, the park sells giant chocolate chip cookies for just $1.99 that make a great snack for sharing.

The activity wrist band was totally worth the money!

Overall, we had a very fun weekend at Jellystone! Parts of it felt like more of a theme park than a campground. The employees and campers were all very friendly. If we go again, we will go earlier in the summer when the temperatures are slightly cooler.

Have you been to Jellystone? What did you think?

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