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Disney Magic 2.0 Day 5: Unexpected Day at Sea

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I woke up around 6 a.m. to heavy rocking of the boat. I was so glad I had taken Bonine the night before! I managed to fall back asleep, despite the heavy rocking. Everyone woke up at 7:30 a.m. While I was taking a shower, the captain announced that due to high winds we were unable to dock at Castaway Cay (Disney's private island). Instead, we would do a day at sea today and try to dock at Castaway Cay tomorrow. Pirate night would remain.  He also announced that if we had Palo brunch reservations for tomorrow, they would be today instead. We dressed the kids in their pirate shirts and took them to breakfast before dropping them at the kids' clubs.

Then we went back to our room to get ready for our group brunch at Palo. Palo is the adults-only restaurant with a $25 up-charge. We had eaten dinner at Palo twice before, but never brunch. Someone in my DIS group arranged for 13 of us to eat in the private dining room.
It was so much food! In addition to the brunch stations, you could order entrees.

My first plate...
Strawberry soup:
Goat cheese pizza:
And I had a few bits of chocolate for dessert:
My favorite thing about Palo brunch was getting to eat and chat with other adults--we don't get the chance to do that very often. I think I prefer Palo for dinner, though...brunch was just too much food!

After brunch, I picked Alyssa up from the lab and took her to lunch at the Cabanas buffet. Mac 'n cheese and chocolate chip cookies.
After lunch, Alyssa and I went to a character dance party in the atrium. We started out on the main floor, but Alyssa was overwhelmed with the crowds. So we watched the rest from the floor above. Each of the characters spent time dancing around different parts of the atrium, and then did a finale all together.
Meanwhile, Brian took the boys to lunch and then dropped Nathan back at the club again. We wanted to see if our younger two would nap in the room again. Joshua wasn't having it, so he and Brian went to the Arrcade for a while. Then Brian and the boys saw the movie Thor in the movie theatre.
I tried to encourage Alyssa to nap. I started to read on the verandah, but it was windy. I decided that Alyssa wasn't going to nap, so we went to get a photo with Pirate Mickey.

FYI--The ship pools are usually very crowded on sea days. I wouldn't attempt to swim on a sea day unless it was early in the morning or later in the day. Plus, on this day, it was windy and in the 60s, so none of us felt like swimming.
Rough seas!

Pretty soon it was time to put the kids back in the club so that Brian and I could go to Palo dinner! Yes, we went to Palo twice in one day. We didn't plan it that way, but because the ship changed its docking schedule, our brunch got moved to the same day as our dinner. I didn't take any pictures at Palo dinner, but it was as good as ever.

Joshua got some pirate face paint while in the club during our Palo dinner. We took the younger kids for a picture with Pirate Minnie and Hook and Smee.

We then took the younger kids for ice cream on deck and headed back to our stateroom. They were asleep by 9:00 p.m. They needed the sleep so bad! We knew this meant they would both miss the pirate party up on deck, which didn't start until 9:45 p.m. However, we also knew this would not be our last Disney cruise, so they could participate in the pirate party another time.

My oldest son stayed in the kids' clubs almost all day today. He only came out to watch Thor in the theatre and to watch the pirate party at night. But it was his choice, and he enjoyed himself.

Brian got to spend the evening with Nathan alone. They grabbed a hotdog on deck, saw the pirate party and fireworks, and dabbled in the pirate buffet after the fireworks.

Nathan said he enjoyed spending the time with dad by himself, since he doesn't get to do that very often.

Overall, it was a very relaxing, low-key sea day.

Up next: Castaway Cay

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