Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saving another $1000 a year

About a year ago, I wrote on this blog about how we cancelled our pest control and lawn fertilizer services and saved about $700 a year. This year, we are taking do-it-yourself home maintenance up a notch, and we are mowing the lawn ourselves.

Some of you may be thinking, no big deal, right? While others are probably thinking we are crazy to mow our own yard in Texas, where the temperatures are consistently over 100 degrees in the summer.

But, I calculated that we would save about $1000 a year by mowing ourselves, and that was all the motivation I needed. I asked for a lawn mower and lawn equipment for Christmas (I know, who does that???), and my in-laws gave me a nice giftcard that covered those purchases. We bought a lawn mower, edger/weed eater and blower about a month ago.

Confession--although I am days away from turning 40, I had NEVER mowed the lawn before. My dad or brother always did it when I was growing up. When Brian and I bought our first house, he mowed for a few months. But, we were both working long hours and he started graduate school, and we decided it was worth the money to save our precious time. So we hired a lawn service to mow our yard.

Two weeks ago I mowed for the first time, and then again today. Brian had to teach me how to work a lawn mower, since I had no idea how to even start it.

Both times took about an hour. I didn't think it was too bad. But, I mowed in 60 degree weather, not 100 degree weather. I might have to report back here to see how much I like mowing in August.

I think my husband is worried that my enthusiasm for saving money on mowing might fizzle, and he will get stuck with the mowing job. Nope! I took this on, and I'm determined to do it.

By doing our own yard maintenance and pest control maintenance, we are saving about $1700 a year. And that money is going to pay down our mortgage so we can get it paid off early.

Do you do your own mowing and yard maintenance? Why or why not?


  1. No, my son is old enough so he does it! Woo hoo!

  2. I started doing it too it is a big savings. Not so bad.

  3. I started doing it too it is a big savings. Not so bad.

  4. That's funny....because when we moved back to Houston in 2005, I had to learn how to cut the grass for the first age 28. We had a huge lot. I would cut the front and save the rest for when returned from his travel. With the small lot we currently have, hubby is able to cut the front and back yards in an hour.