Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Windmill Playground

Last weekend we decided to take our kids to a new park. I had heard a few moms talk about a new, cool playground in Prosper (a small town north of Frisco) so we decided to go there and check it out.

Driving out to the park in Prosper felt like we were heading to the set of Friday Night Lights.  It seemed very rural and then boom, a huge high school and HUGE football stadium.  Just past the high school (well, past it a little ways on a country road) is Windmill Playground.   This playground is part of Frontier Park, located at 1551 W. Frontier Parkway in Prosper. 1551 W. Frontier Parkway

There were plenty of benches to sit on, and they were all painted with Texas-themed pictures.

Once we entered the playground, Tot Lot was immediately to the left (for ages 2-5).

This area had some play buildings and smaller equipment.

The larger playground area had some unique features.

Big tires to climb on.

A painted rock  climbing wall.

A xylophone.

Some rope courses.

A teeter-totter.  I haven't seen one of these at a park in ages!

One thing I liked about the park was that they had various monkey bars that were LOW to the ground.  That makes it so much easier on parents, because we don't have to lift the kids up or worry about them falling off.

Another set that's fairly low.

The boys liked this spinny thing.

A rope climber.

The park had several slides.

The tire swing was a huge hit with my boys.  They rode that tire for a long, long time.

One feature I thought was neat was this rope climb that went to a higher level...

On the top, it was surrounded by a step so that little kids don't fall down into it.  I've never seen that feature at another playground and I'm always worried about Alyssa falling down the open ladders that are in many playgrounds.

The playground also had a small splash park in front of it (turned off now for the season) and a few water features within the playground itself.

The kids had so much fun at this park and as we were leaving they were asking when we could go back.  The pictures don't do this park justice--it's actually quite large and has many different, unusual things to do.  Because of its distance and size, this probably isn't one I'd take the kids to by myself.  But with my husband along it was very manageable.

Outside of the playground was a large covered picnic area.  There were not any bathrooms in the immediate vicinity of the playground, but there are some near the sports fields (down further in the parking lot).

I am so thankful for the many fun parks in this area that provide free recreation for my kids!

Have you been to Windmill Playground yet?

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  1. Thanks for posting, Nancy! I had not heard of this park and am definitely going to have to try it now.