Sunday, February 5, 2012

Paper Dreams

It's kind of a cloudy, cold day and I haven't felt like taking the kids outside. This weather also makes me think of how I'm longing for our summer vacation in the sunny Bahamas! So I've had this activity in my back pocket and decided to pull it out today:

The paper Disney Dream cruise ship.

Both boys got involved in the making of the ship. We actually made two, but the quality of our second ship significantly deteriorated based on the fact that my youngest child woke up from her nap.

We even made the Castaway Cay diorama background for the ship to play in:

Voila! Two paper Disney Dreams. (Ok, if you want to get technical, these are actually models of Disney's two classic ships, The Wonder and The Magic...but for our purpose I'm calling them The Dream).

My son asked me if we could take these on our vacation. And I thought to myself, I'll be surprised if these paper ships last until the end of the day! They are paper, after all!

To make your own paper Dream, go here.


  1. Hi! I love your paper ships! I clicked the link to find how they are made but didn't see the link correct? Maybe the photos were removed? Trying to do something similar for my kids! Thanks!


    Hi Luciana--try this link. I think it still works.